This is the link between a user, and an event. It records the relationship, and also the current status, from being registered through to engaging with someone..

Attendance fields

Field Type Fillable Reference
account_id   Reference Account
attendances_count   Integer Yes
contact_id   Reference Required Contact
created_at   Timestamp
The date the attendance was created.
deleted_at   Timestamp
The date the attendance was deleted.
event_id   Reference Required Event
guest_count   Integer
ical   String
id   Integer
The unique ID to identify the attendance
passbook   String
root_attendance   String
rsvp   String
status   Integer Required
The integer status: 10 = Registered, 20 = Invited, 30 = Attended, 40 = Engaged
status_title   String
sub_attendances   String
sync_status   Integer Yes
updated_at   Timestamp
The date the attendance was last updated.
uuid   String

Attendance relations

event, contact, contact.current_values, contact.current_values.field, account, session_attendances,

Attendance endpoints

There are no endpoints for this model