Contacts description

Contacts fields

Field Type Fillable Reference
account_id   Reference Account
all_notes   Unknown
available_auth_methods   Array
call_from   Timestamp
can_call   Unknown
can_sms   Unknown
consent_data   Unknown
created_at   Timestamp
The date the contact was created.
delete_reason   String
delete_reason_title   String
deleted_at   Timestamp
The date the contact was deleted.
do_not_call   Unknown Yes
do_not_sms   Unknown Yes
email   Email
The contacts primary email address
events_page   String
full_name   String
The contacts primary name.
id   Integer
The unique ID to identify the contact
number_responses   Integer
The number of responses associated with the contact.
portal_url   String
primary_organisation   Unknown
qr_url   String
queued   Unknown
short_qr_url   String
sync_status   Integer Yes
updated_at   Timestamp
The date the contact was last updated.
user_id   Reference User
The user who first created the contact.
uuid   String

Contacts relations

account, activity, attendances, attendances.event, calls, calls.campaign, calls.number, calls.outcome, calls.subscriber, calls.user, consents, current_values, current_values.field, current_values.field.option, enrolments, enrolments.organisation, enrolments.organisation.current_values, enrolments.organisation.organisation_type, labels, messages, messages.messageEvents, messages.sender, messages.user, notes, notes.user, numbers, responses, responses.form, responses.notes, responses.notes.user, subscribers, subscribers.campaign, synchronisations, synchronisations.integration, values,

Contacts endpoints

GET List all Contacts /contacts toggle

GET Return data for a specified Contact /contacts/:id toggle

POST Save, or update a Contact /contacts/:id? toggle

POST Associate contact with Event /contacts/:id/attend toggle

POST Merge two contacts together /contacts/:id/merge/:other_id toggle