You can pass an event ID up with responses to link responses collected to an event to help identify the source of responses.

Event fields

Field Type Fillable Reference
account_id   Reference Account
attendances_count   Integer
attendances_count_all   Integer
attendances_count_attended   Integer
attendances_count_cancelled   Integer
attendances_count_engaged   Integer
attendances_count_invited   Integer
attendances_count_registered   Integer
attendances_count_removed   Integer
attendances_count_waitlisted   Integer
auto_waitlist   Unknown Yes
available_spaces   Integer
available_tags   Array
category_id   Integer Category
chat_channel_id   String Yes
checkin_start   Integer Yes
child_events_count   Integer
closed   Unknown
closing_date   Timestamp
closing_datetime   String Yes
color   String Yes
connect_id   Integer
connect_title   String Yes
cost   Decimal Yes
The cost of the event
country   Country Yes
The string country i.e. Spain
created_at   Timestamp
The date the event was created.
crm   String Yes
An optional CRM value, this will be passed to any CRM integration
date_range   Array
date_time_text   String
deleted_at   Timestamp
The date the event was deleted.
description   String Yes
end_date   Timestamp
end_datetime   Timestamp Yes
The date when the event ends
event_ids   Array
finished   Unknown
full   Unknown
grand_children   Unknown
grand_parent   Unknown
id   Integer
The unique ID to identify the event
image   String
integration_syncs   Array
is_root   Unknown
is_session   Unknown
last_sync   Timestamp
location_id   String Yes Location
location_title   String
location_title_legacy   String Yes
maximum   Integer Yes
maximum_guests   Integer Yes
parent_id   Integer Yes
radius_id   Integer
radius_title   String Yes
registration_type   Integer Yes
registration_type_title   String
related_events   Array
root_event   Unknown
session_maximum   Integer
start_date   Integer
start_datetime   Timestamp Yes
The date when the event starts
started   Unknown
status   Integer
sync_progress   Integer
sync_status   Integer
syncs   Unknown
tags   Array Yes
timezone   String Yes
title   String Yes
The title of the event, used for your reference
title_with_parent   String
total_attendances   Integer
total_single_attendances   Integer
type   Integer Required
type_title   String
updated_at   Timestamp
The date the event was last updated.
user_id   Integer User

Event relations

account, attendances, children, children.children, parent, parent.parent, categories, contacts, hosts, location, responses, users, workflows, activity,

Event endpoints

GET List all events /events toggle

GET Return data for a specified Event /events/:id toggle

POST Save, or update a Event /events/:id? toggle

DELETE Delete a Event /events/:id toggle