Each time a form is filled out, a response is generated. The response links all of the data together. To get a complete response, you will need to also include related values.

Response fields

Field Type Fillable Reference
id   Integer
The unique ID to identify the response

Response relations

activity, activity.user, assigned, call, contact, contact.enrolments, device, event, event.parent, form, form.fields, form.fields.option, geoip, imports, labels, notes, notes.user, publication, synchronisations, synchronisations.integration, user, values, values.field, values.field.option,,

Response endpoints

GET List all responses /responses toggle

GET Return data about a single Response /responses/:id toggle

POST Create, or Update a Response /responses/:id? toggle

POST Add a label to a response /responses/:id/add_label/:label_id toggle

POST Link a response to a contact /responses/:id/link/:contact_id toggle

POST Unlink a response from a contact /responses/:id/unlink/:contact_id toggle

POST Sync a response to the relevent CRM /responses/:id/sync toggle

DELETE Delete a Response /responses/:id toggle