A form contains many fields, workflows and conditions.

Form fields

Field Type Fillable Reference
id   Integer
The unique ID to identify the form

Form relations

account, conditions, fields, fields.child, fields.children, fields.conditions, fields.dependant_conditions, fields.option, fields.parent, fields.integration_fields, responses, pages, pages.fields, pages.fields.child, pages.fields.children, pages.fields.conditions, pages.fields.dependant_conditions, pages.fields.option, pages.fields.parent, pages.fields.integration_fields, users, user, workflows,

Form endpoints

GET List all forms /forms toggle

GET Return data for a specified Form /forms/:param toggle

GET Serve custom CSS for this Form /forms/:uuid/css toggle

POST Create or update a Form /forms/:id? toggle

POST Clone Form /forms/:id toggle

POST Sync responses for this Form /forms/:id toggle

DELETE Delete a Form /forms/:id toggle