Tokens are used to authenticate each session, revoking/deleting a token logs you out.

Tokens fields

Field Type Fillable Reference
account_id   Reference Account
created_at   Timestamp
The date the token was created.
device_id   Integer Device
id   Integer
The unique ID to identify the token
mfa   Boolean
Indicates whether the token has been created using MFA.
region   String
region_url   String
revoked   Integer
Null if the token is not revoked (i.e. it is active), or a constant defining the reason it was revoked.
revoked_title   String
A description of the reason the token has been revoked.
type   String
updated_at   Timestamp
The date the token was last updated.
user_id   Integer User

Tokens relations

account, account.package, device, user,,, user.active_call,, user.active_call.number, user.active_call.number.contacts, user.active_call.subscriber, user.active_call.outcome, user.active_call.user, user.active_call.sender, user.active_call.sender.inbound_campaigns, user.active_call.campaign, user.queue_statuses,

Tokens endpoints

GET List all Tokens for the current user /tokens toggle

GET Return data for a specified token /tokens/:id toggle

DELETE Revoke one or more tokens /tokens/:id_or_type toggle